Weber Company, Inc. is a small cabinet company located in Lodi, California. We have been in business since 1972 and take pride in building a quality cabinet that can last a generation. We specialize in custom cabinetry like entertainment centers, kitchens, bathroom vanities, home offices, and much more. We also build decorative chopping blocks, and butcher blocks currently for sale on our website and at Williams-Sonoma stores throughout the country.

Mark Weber and April Morse

We are truly a custom cabinet maker because we produce all of our cabinets and blocks right here in our Lodi shop. We also have an adjoining building which is where we finish all of our own cabinetry before it is installed.

Mark Weber started the business in 1972 as "Weber's Cabinets" with a small shop on Cherokee Lane and since have been located on Houston Lane for over 30 years. In 1998 we added on a finish shop to the right side of the shop. That gives us the ability to finish all of our work on site, which is a great asset to the company.

Mark is the brains behind the building of all our cabinetry. Mark is very talented and skilled in the area of working with wood. He won the industrial arts award upon graduation of high school and is the best in his craft. You can catch him telling his fellow employees to, "build the cabinet like it's going to go into your home. Quality and craftsmanship are always a high priority."

Mark would love for you to visit him on his blog and ask questions! Go to and check it out!

April Morse started working at Weber's in 2001. She is one of the Mark Weber's daughters and recently bought into the company. April wants to help in every aspect of the company including working in the shop. She prides herself on obtaining knowledge about how the cabinets are built and what it entails. She is also learning to measure and quote jobs, and loves sales of custom products Weber Company makes. April loves working with her dad, Mark and plans on being around for a long time. April would love you to visit her on her blog at

When the economy took a turn for the worse it hit Lodi, CA very hard, particularly the construction market. Weber Company struggled. At our high point we had 25 employees. We have had multiple layoffs. As a result we decided to come up with a new product and so we started making wine-bottle shaped chopping blocks. In the beginning we sold them out of our office. Then we submitted the product to Williams-Sonoma. And we waited. April blogged about it. And then we received the call that changed the future of our company - the president of Williams-Sonoma called from Australia and said he loved our product! And now our chopping block is sold in Williams-Sonoma stores around the country.

We also make a heart-shaped chopping block which can be purchased on our website and at select online retailers. Follow us on Facebook; You can read about our story on AOL or see us on The Nate Berkus Show.

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